CLIENT LAUNCH: Artist Greg A. Hill’s website live for #KanataDay

Greg Hill is a Kanyen’kehaka (Mohawk) and French artist who produces worked explored  “through the prism of colonialism, nationalism, and concepts of place and community.” One of Greg’s most prominent bodies of work is his Kanata Project. This project, which began in 2000 at the turn of the millennium, was “framed as a project to create a new identity for “Canada”—one that recognizes and honours the Indigenous origins of this country.” Greg goes on to state that “by redesigning the symbols of “Canada” and using the original Iroquoian word Kanata that Canada is derived from I draw attention to these issues and also challenge those things we assume are fixed such as national symbols.”

The goal was to launch the website “Kanata Day” July 1, 2017. The website, both now and ongoing, is a way to insert an archive of decolonial discourse, that Greg’s project offers, into the Canada 150 moment and beyond.

Along with the launch, Greg also joined the Chimeda paddlers from Kitigan Zibi First Nation arriving at Asinabka (Victoria) Island, Ottawa from Wakefield, Quebed the afternoon of Canada Day. Rowing with artist Emily Rose Michaud, Greg and Emily arrived at the island with the Kanata Flag waving behind them.

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