EXHIBITION CLOSING: Frank Shebageget’s “Creature Comforts” at Central Art Garage in Ottawa

In this new work Shebageget further explores the uniformity and numbness of these cookie cutter homes designed to populate First Nation reservations. The program managed by the Engineering and Construction Service, Indian Affairs Branch of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, set out to make every home exactly the same as the one next door. This was aligned with the Federal Government’s overall approach to Indigenous peoples. This standardizing overlooked the diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions that existed across many nations.

Ottawa-based Anishinaabe artist Frank Shebageget’s Creature Comforts is on view for 2 more days from noon until 3 pm on Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3.

An excellent exhibition that considers how the processes of design and architecture are not necessarily neutral. They come loaded with personal as well as political biases and agendas.

Worth the trip to CAG to see Frank’s newest work! More info here.

Central Art Garage is located 66 B LeBreton St. North (rear garage) in Ottawa.

IMAGE: Artist Frank Shebageget (left) with Central Art Garage’s Danny Hussy by Leah Snyder.

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