CLIENT OPENING: Jeff Thomas’ “A Necessary Fiction” at Art Gallery of Mississauga

For a second night in row my client Jeff Thomas will be featured in summer exhibitions opening in the Greater Toronto Area. Last night was the Art Gallery of Ontario’s (AGO) Every.Now.Then: Reframing Nationhood and tonight is his solo show A Necessary Fiction: My Conversation with George Hunter and Edward S. Curtis at the Art Gallery of Mississauga from 6-9 pm. At tonight’s opening Jeff will be present to give an artist talk on his work at 7 pm

From Canadian Art: 

A Necessary Fiction extends Jeff Thomas’s engagement with image-makers who have used Indigenous people as the subjects of their work, interrogating the relevance of such work in light of today’s self-determination movement. Employing the work of both George Hunter and Edward S. Curtis as a catalyst, Thomas presents an alternative to the hegemonic and static narratives they both construct and reinforce. (read more…)

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