CLIENT EVENT: 2nite Lucky 13th Edition of #SKETCH @axeneo7 with @SAWgallery Ottawa in Gatineau

Tonight it’s that time of the year again for Galerie SAW Gallery’s SKETCH which will be hosted this year at AXENÉO7 in Gatineau. As per usual, many local artists have donated work for the silent auction. Clients Barry Ace ( and Cindy Stelmackowich ( will have work available along with many Ottawa friends – Natalie Bruvels, Charlene Lau Ahier, Mique Michelle, Mélanie Myers, Komi Seshi, Cara Tierney, Tavi Weisz, Jinny Yu and Melanie Yugo.

The party begins tonight at 7 pm!

From AXENÉO7: 

Artists, illustrators and designers from Canada and around the world band together for a holiday fundraiser like no other in Ottawa-Gatineau! For the first time this year, all funds raised at SKETCH will be shared between two artist-run centres situated on both sides of the Ottawa River: Galerie SAW Gallery and AXENÉO7.

Patrons can choose from the hundreds of works available in every style imaginable! With many works priced affordably, starting at only $10, SKETCH is the perfect place to purchase one-of-a-kind treasures for your lovers, friends and family.

The fundraising party will include DJs and entertainment, and will feature works by internationally acclaimed artists in a silent auction. All proceeds of the sales will go toward Galerie SAW Gallery’s expansion project and AXENÉO7’s artist residency renovation project.

Tickets online: ►
Includes a cocktail courtesy of Artist in Residence Distillerie and Jabberwocky Bar.

Tickets at the door: $20

➜ Silent auction and sale: 7PM to 10PM

➜ After-party and sale: 10PM to 1AM
(Free admission)

Cash bar / Free parking

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Luke Norrad

Barry Ace, Laylah Ali, Kevin Benson, Rana Bishara, Natalie Bruvels, Hank Bull, Julie Caissie, François Cambe, Mathieu Cardin, Paul Chan and Badlands, Dave Cooper, Kristina Corre, Dirty Donny, Anne-Marie Dumouchel, Pat Durr, nichola feldman-kiss, Tony Fouhse, Tamar Frank, Dominique Fung, Nicholas Galanin, Matt Gale, Hugo Gaudet-Dion, Tiphaine Girault-Bath, Adrian Göllner, Greta Grip, Philippe Hamelin, Michael Harrington, Alexa Hatanaka, Pedro Isztin, Geneviève et Matthieu, Veronika Holcova, Miranda July, Dale Lancaster Ronson, Amélie Laurence Fortin, Pierre Lapointe, Dominic Laporte, Charlene Lau Ahier, Jennifer Lefort, Sam Loewen, Megan Ellen MacDonald, Jennifer Macklem, Annette Messager, Mique Michelle, Andrew Morrow, Mélanie Myers, Garry Neill Kennedy, Luke Norrad, Graeme Patterson, Karina Pawlikowski, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Oshoochiak Pudlat, Rene Price, Tikitu Qinnuayuak, Leslie Reid, Samuel Roy-Bois, Eliyakota Samuettie, Joan Scaglione, Komi Seshi, Cindy Stelmackowich, Joanna Swim, Annie Thibault, Amy Thompson, Patrick Thompson, Cara Tierney, Jean-Yves Vigneau, Anne Wanda Tessier, Tavi Weisz, Justin Wonnacott, Jinny Yu and Melanie Yugo

Howard Adler, Allexxis Amores, Isabelle Aubin, Natasha Bazilev, Danielle Beaulieu, Marie Bineau, Jacques Boissinot, Barbara Brown, François Chalifour, Nic Cooper, Martine H. Crispo, Shabnam Dastoornejad, Brendan de Montigny, Bertha Diaz, Olivia Florence Clotaire, Louis Fortier, Lauren Foster-MacLeod, Susan Geraldine Taylor, Diane Gillis, Rosaura Guzman, Jen Hamilton, Sandra Hawkins, Annette Hegel, France Henault, Carol Howard Donati, Shababa Huda, Natalie Johnson, Gerard Kelly, Valeriya Khomar, Erin Koenig, Marie-Andrée La Salle, SAM + NVM, Sally Lee Sheeks, Siobhan Locke, Martha Markowsky, Leiko Marr, Lesley Marshall, André Mantha, Valérie Mercier, Éliane Mathieu McLeod, Alex Noreau, Maria-Helena Pacelli, Martine Périat, Shawn Philip Hunsdale, Jocelyn Piirainen, Klaus Pinter, Isabelle Poirier, Nathalie Poirier, John-David Powell, Ophélie Queffurus, Lissa Rachelle, Suzanne Ragheb, Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Semira Selman, Geneviève Sideleau, Danuta Sierhuis, Mark Stephenson, Jason St-Laurent, Stefan St-Laurent, Stanzie Tooth, Françoise Tounissoux, France-Marie Trépanier, Cosette V, Truong Vo-Van, Jinhui Wang, Christopher Wong, Ming Wu, Shirley Yik, Amir Zargara and Freyja Zazu

Artist in Residence Distillerie, Art-is-in Bakery, Art Metropole, Bread & Roses Bakery, Buchipop, Central Art Garage, Collective Arts Brewing, DAÏMÔN, Dominion City Brewing Co., Dorset Fine Arts, Jabberwocky Bar, Just Add Salt, Lolë Rideau Centre, The Modern Shop, National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF), Ottawa School of Art, Patrick Gordon Framing Studio, Printed Matter, Saje Wellness, SAW Video, Spectrasonic and Wallack’s Art Supplies.

Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada, Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Ville de Gatineau and City of Ottawa.

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