CLIENTS NEWS: #BarryAce featured in @CBCNews for @UWindsor artist residency

This past week Barry Ace has been attending at artist residency at the University of Windsor that is taking place in tandem with the World Indigenous Law Conference held in Windsor this year. Barry is their first Indigenous artist-in-residence. (read Barry’s “Nigig News” post) As part of the residency he is working with law and art students to create a “54-panel art piece, resembling a contemporary Wampum belt” that will incorporate the Truth and Reconciliation’s (TRC) 94 Calls to Action.

“Work together and have an opportunity, not only to examine and look at the reconciliation calls to action, but also talk about them and try to come up with an understanding of what spawned these particular calls to action and help us all move forward collectively from this traumatic history,” Ace said.

Having been involved in other art projects that bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together to create and converse, I believe that in many ways, it is these types of projects that hold the potential to close the gap between opposing ways of conceptualizing sovereignty and justice for Indigenous peoples in Canada. There is something tremendously powerful about the act of making together, around a table. No doubt, this project will result in an important experience for all the students involved working with Barry.

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