CLIENT EXHIBITION CLOSING: Michael Belmore’s MFA show at AXENÉO7 in Gatineau

Wednesday, August 14 was the opening for some of the Ottawa University’s MFA 2017 cohort which included Anishinaabe artist Michael Belmore ( on now at AXENÉO7 gallery in Gatineau.

Arriving before the crowds came, I was able to spend time in solitude with Michael’s newest body of work – Édifice.

Water and stone have a voice, they speak a language and have a history of conversation that extends well beyond our fleeting human existence.

The MFA show ends this weekend on Saturday, August 31. AXENÉO7’s hours:

Wednesday 12 – 9 pm
Thurday, Friday, & Saturday 12 – 5 pm

As always is the case with Michael, his work is aesthetically stunning as well as profoundly moving in the way it references natural forces.

For more info on AXENÉO7 Artist-Run-Centre visit

Exhibitions of Michael Belmore (Ottawa), Emma Carney (Ottawa) and Mat O’Hara (Ottawa), candidates at the MFA of the University of Ottawa

Michael Belmore, Édifice
Emma Carney, Ways in Which Things are Alike
Mat O’Hara, Cruising the Echoes of Desire

August 14 — 31, 2019


ABOVE IMAGES: Leah Snyder.

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