CLIENT ACQUISITION: The #Art #Gallery of #Mississauga acquires work by #Onondaga #artist Jeff Thomas

Congratulations to Jeff Thomas on the purchase of his work by the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM). The AGM announced their acquisition in the Winter edition of Canadian Art Magazine. The announcement shows a detail of the work What happened to the Mississaugas? and was part of his solo exhibition, A Necessary Fiction, at the AGM the Summer of 2017. The exhibition continued with his ongoing conversation with the photographs of Edward S. Curtis and George Hunter.

A Necessary Fiction extends Jeff Thomas’s engagement with image-makers who have used Indigenous people as the subjects of their work, interrogating the relevance of such work in light of today’s self-determination movement. Employing the work of both George Hunter and Edward S. Curtis as a catalyst, Thomas presents an alternative to the hegemonic and static narratives they both construct and reinforce.


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