CLIENT OPENING: @PrixSobeyAward #Artist @ursula_johnson opens 2nite @CAGOttawa Ottawa

ABOVE IMAGE: CBC Exhibitionists

Client Ursula Johnson ( is in Ottawa! She rolled into town last weekend and has set up shop at Central Art Garage. Her exhibition Indian Truckhouse of High Art is opening tonight at 7 pm and will include a performance along with some ‘trinkets’ for purchase. This will be a fantastic opening. If you are in Ottawa don’t miss!

WHEN: Friday, March 2, 108
WHERE: Central Art Garage, 66-B LeBreton Street North, Ottawa (more info)

HOT TIP! Bring a $20 and walk away with something special…

In Truckhouse, Johnson is selling the kind of “Indian” knick-knackery that should, by now, make us angry: conveniently-sized dreamcatchers, baskets, beaded necklaces, a lot of things involving wolves howling at moons. In other words, it’s silly shit that tourists buy, thinking they’re grabbing onto a bit of essential “Indianness” that they can take home and show their friends. And for Johnson, it was as much about  getting rid of those same items of cultural commodification as it was about buying them for her participants. (CBC’s The Exhibitionists)

Johnson’s work is often funny and discomforting. The new infomercial is comical in the way that every infomercial is — it has canned laughter and forced facial expressions, and overly emotive reactions to dime-store jewelry. And it also relies both on our ability to laugh at it and to take some responsibility for the position we hold as the audience. (CBC’s The Exhibitionists)

Check out Ursula on a recent episode of CBC’s The Exhibitionists – With dreamcatchers and wolves, this artist is calling out commodification of Indigenous culture – speaking about the project.

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