bronze statue of traditionally dressed Aboriginal man with braids with Canada's Parliament Buildings in background

STRONGER THAN STONE: (Re)Inventing the Indigenous Monument

This weekend in Calgary (Alberta College of Art + Design) & Saskatoon (Wanuskewin Heritage Park)


Stronger Than Stone: (Re)Inventing the Indigenous Monument is an international symposium on Indigenous monuments and counter-monuments.

It brings together world-renowned artists and thinkers including Rebecca Belmore, Jimmie Durham, Candice Hopkins, Paul Chaat Smith, Michael Taussig, Jeff Thomas and more than twenty others.

Indigenous cultures have maintained ties to the same lands since time immemorial. Human-made physical markers have not always been necessary to preserve the history of a place and people. Rather, natural places have been regarded as calling forth stories, so that the landscape provides a practical and moral guide to the culture.

The symposium explores the contributions that traditional and contemporary Indigenous approaches to memorializing and place-making have made and continue to make to the contemporary art world, as well as to the fields of urban planning, geography, education and more. It aims to establish models for the commissioning and production of new, “Indigenized” memorials which will help all people to better understand the nature of collective or cultural memory and human interdependence with the land.”

Full schedule
Livestream Link for November 21-22 panels

Above image Anishinabe Scout by Jeff Thomas

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